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You invested a lot of time, and money, to educate yourself on caring for the patient. Every day you go to the hospital, clinic, or other setting, and do your best to respond to the needs of your patients and their families. And, we suspect, you enjoy your work.

But, if you are like most of the clinicians we speak with, you are fed up with the paperwork, bureaucracy, stipulations, and the hustled pace of healthcare. We agree. It’s ridiculous. And sadly, it doesn’t look like the system is going to fix it any time soon.

Likely, all you want to do is provide the best care possible for your patients and reduce the noise that often gets in the way. But once that patient leaves your setting, they enter a vulnerable phase. Too often, when problems arise, they are forced to use the ED to resolve issues that otherwise could have been treated if there was a proactive engagement. Or better yet, maybe the problem could be prevented in the first place.

One thing we’ve discovered about most people dealing with complicated medical situations is this: they spend enough time inside the health system. They are very eager to do whatever is safe to avoid spending unnecessary time in the ED or hospital.

So, we want to work with you, the provider, to find a better way of delivering care.

How do we do this?

When we enroll a patient in our service, one of the first things we do is contact all their providers. We value communicating with the entire medical team. If you’ve never had a patient enrolled with us, we will explain our service to you and any of your designated staff. Because of our technology and frequent points of patient contact, we generate valuable data that will likely help improve your engagement with the patient. We want to know how often you’d like to hear from us. And we want to know what information makes your clinic time more effective. We find out your preference for communicating with us (fax, email, etc.) and keep those preferences for subsequent patient enrollments.

Also, we want to make sure you have the key methods of contacting us, in case there is something you need us to do on your behalf for the patient or caregiver.

Narus Health will never come between you and your patient. That’s why our focus is to cut the noise from the signal, and get the signal to you.

Imagine being armed with key information before starting a patient conversation, knowing what has been going on with the patient for the last few weeks and seeing the key issues the patient is most concerned with prior to the office visit. In our experience, that allows more time for proactive conversation instead of retrospective response. And, of course, if you don’t need frequent reports from us, that’s ok too. We will send them to you on a request only basis. It’s your call.

Bottom line, if involving Narus Health in the care of your patient doesn’t make life better for your patient and your clinic, we’ve failed.