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Focus on the Whole Patient

Palliative care, a relatively new subspecialty in medicine, focuses on improving the quality of life for patients and their families. Its ethos is based on the understanding that treating patients doesn’t mean just treating their disease; it means treating the patient as a whole and providing physical, psychosocial and spiritual support to alleviate pain and suffering. 

Michael Burcham in Healthcare, Care Management, Patient Care

Sep 5, 2018  |  2 min read


Healthcare Is Moving Back to the Home

The question of what the healthcare of tomorrow will look like is always a key strategic issue for those leading healthcare organizations. In my view, the answer is really clear - care support and primary care delivery is moving back into the patient’s home - and their phone.

Michael Burcham in Healthcare, Care Management, Telehealth, Patient Care

Apr 6, 2018  |  2 min read


Healthcare Outlook for Employers

In a competitive labor market, employers are looking for new cost containment strategies beyond shifting more costs to employees. They are pursuing new contract arrangements with providers, offering concierge care coordination to their employees, and considering narrow networks to help them tackle healthcare prices.

Michael Burcham in Healthcare, Care Management, TPA, Patient Care

Dec 28, 2017  |  4 min read