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Happier employees make
for a healthier company.

Narus Health is a company built on the notion that healthcare is too complicated. Our care management services are designed to create a better healthcare experience for your employees, and empower you to mitigate costs while keeping a happier, healthier workforce.

What Narus does for employers.

Continuous Data Analytics

Providing insight to the care needs of your staff and their dependents you insure assures that they receive the right care, at the right cost, at the right time.

Benefit Optimization

A benefit that yields better care for your staff and their dependents while enhancing outcomes and reducing unwarranted costs.

Collaborative Care

We focus entirely on the patient and family experience. Research shows that employees who feel supported and knowledgeable about their healthcare and caregiving decisions achieve better outcomes.

Community Resource Network

We link employees to vetted community resources to help staff and their families close the loop on their day-to-day needs and life goals.

What Narus does for your employees.

Our tools and resources make it easy for your employees to be engaged and proactive in staying healthy. Watch the video below to learn more.


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