Health care isn’t getting any simpler for anyone, least of all for your employees. The fragmentation of services and increasing complexity of medical decisions is overwhelming for even the most competent people.

When faced with a chronic disease or a complex diagnosis, most employees struggle with where to turn for information they trust and someone to help them as they work their way through the health care system. Days become filled with a whirlwind of doctors, tests, appointments, unfamiliar words, and tough choices. Some things are paid for, others are not. Plans get postponed while waiting for coordination of services. And all the while, unwanted symptoms and medication side effects seem inescapable. Most of time, individuals feel more used than supported by the healthcare system.

That’s why we created Narus Health - to be a trusted care resource, an advocate, someone your employees can turn to that will help them navigate the complexity of the health care system. To help them understand the myriad of choices so that they can make informed decisions for themselves and their family.

Sometimes your employee is the patient. Sometimes they are the family caregiver.
Either way, our support for them is palpable from Day 1.

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