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Care Team

When was the last time you walked into a medical setting to find only one person working to provide care? Exactly. Medicine is a team effort. Why? Because no one person can do it all, nor knows it all. This is the basis of the interdisciplinary team approach. It's something Narus Health fully embraces.

Helping support your needs requires a highly-coordinated group of individuals. This, in no way, means you're needy. On the contrary. It means Narus Health recognizes the value of having experts engaged in your care, providing their know-how to deliver the quickest and most meaningful care possible to you and your loved ones.

When you enroll with our service, you are assigned a dedicated team. This core group includes a nurse, care coordinator, and social worker. And your team can be expanded as needed. Having the ability to add other disciplines to this group, such as a chaplain, pharmacist, or dietician, means you are never more than a step away from expert advice. And all Narus Health staff work closely with our physicians, who (you guessed it) are also a part of your care group.

You have complete access to each member of your care team. And don't worry about knowing which person to call if a unique situation arises, because every team has a 'captain' who's responsible for keeping things running smoothly. When you aren't sure who to talk with, call your team leader.

Interdisciplinary care is at the heart of our service. It's the reason we can help you with a wide array of issues. And it's the level of care you deserve.